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5 championships and New England is still taking no days off!

Super Bowl LI was just incredible, a sudden death stunner for the ages. And while the Atlanta Falcons dominated for most of the game, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots simply refused to die. After trailing by a 25-point deficit, Tom Brady and the offense methodically worked the ball down the field with workmanlike precision to make their comeback. It was as if there was simply nothing Atlanta could do to stop New England. While the fans (and probably Atlanta's) heads were still spinning, New England had tied the game late in the fourth quarter and forced overtime. It did not take long for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to find the endzone one more time, clinching the largest comeback in Super Bowl history...

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New York Knicks Legend Charles Oakley and Knicks owner James Dolan met with Michael Jordan to resolve dispute

James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks, and legendary member of the Knicks’ family Charles Oakley got together to resolve their differences with NBA Legend Michael Jordan mediating. In addition to being one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, Michael Jordan is both a fellow NBA owner like Dolan and is a good friend and former teammate with Charles Oakley making him possibly the perfect person to mediate the dispute. Oakley and Dolan have a history of drama that goes back several years. Charles Oakley claims that when he was first introduced to James Dolan at an NBA event that Dolan just ignored him. According to Oakley, Dolan did not want to have anything to...

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Emperor Bill and the New England Patriots return to the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots were victorious tonight against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game. With the victory the Patriots will head to their 9th Super Bowl in Franchise History and the seventh time under coach Bill. Coach Bill is 4-2 in Super Bowls with the Patriots. He has also led New England to 9 AFC championship games. There can be no doubt that the Patriots are an NFL Dynasty. "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it" Of course every dynasty needs a leader. An emperor perhaps. Emperor Bill is many things, and has been called many names. But two things cannot be denied: He wins, and the people he beats hate him for it. Coach Bill is...

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