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BreakingT's Top 4 NFL Week 3 Moments

BreakingT's Top 4 NFL Week 3 Moments

We rely on our social data platform, CrowdBreak, to identify the best moments in sports. This season, we’re also using it to name the four best NFL moments each week and we're letting fans vote to decide which one is the Moment of the Week. Come back to BreakingT News each Monday night to vote!

Here’s the ballot for Week 3, and scroll down to see the nominees:


UPDATE: Voting has ended, and the Miami Butt Punt reigns supreme! Wear the Moment® with our shirt celebrating the infamous achievement.

Moment No. 1 - Lamar Jackson's 5 TDs

Related: Lamar Football was destined to become a BreakingT. 


Moment No. 2 - DeVonta Smith & A.J. Brown's Batman Capes

Skinny Batman. Swole Batman. The heroes that Philadelphia deserves.


Moment No. 3 - The Miami Butt Punt


Moment No. 4 - Pickens' One-Handed Grab

 Wear the Moment® with our shirt from the play of Thursday Night Football.
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