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Celebrate Philly's Biggest Win Ever With Six New BreakingT Shirts

As we did with our "Philly Dogs" shirt during Philly's improbable run through the playoffs, we've got six fresh designs commemorating the biggest victory in the city's rich sports history.*

*Is that overstating it? Nah, we don't think so ...

1. "The Philly Special" -- The game's defining moment was when the backup QB caught a touchdown on a gutsy fourth-and-goal play call. An all-time classic was born.

2. "Champions Of The World" -- You didn't think we were gonna leave the statue out of it, did you? Bonus points for that striped skyline.

3. "Always Super Champs" -- Our best-seller right out of the gate, and it's easy to see why with that kelly green-on-heather gray.

4. "Underdog to Top Dog" -- They weren't favored even once this postseason, yet here we are.

5. Philadelphia ATS Champs -- Our first-ever collaboration with The Action Network! Green is good!

6. "Grease The Poles" -- Despite well-planned preparations from its opponents, Philly won the game AND the celebration.

We're still monitoring social data and talking to our media partners to drum up more  ideas. If you have something in mind, hit us up at

And congratulations to Philadelphia! World champs!

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