Because They Feel So Good

One of the reasons I founded BreakingT is because I have an intense love for vintage t-shirts. They are literally the most comfortable thing you can wear if you find the right one.

My obsession peaked in college in the 2000s. One of my roommates and I started a little eBay store called "Straight Vintage." The model was simple: we scoured every thrift store within a 150 mile radius of campus searching for vintage gear (t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc.) in good condition. Then we'd sell them on eBay at a high enough margin to earn some beer money for the week.

There was a problem, however. I couldn't bear to part with the best t-shirts. I had to keep them for myself. So alas, Straight Vintage was short-lived.  But I built up a nice little collection of vintage tees, and unintentionally picked up some knowledge on the "t-shirt industry" along the way. I learned what ratio of cotton-to-polyester made for the softest blend, and what t-shirt brands manufactured the best quality that could stand the test of many wash cycles. I also started to notice certain characteristics in the designs, and eventually could tell you what year a shirt was printed just by looking at it.

So with BreakingT, our goal is to recapture the golden era of t-shirts (which in my opinion ranges from about 1982 until 1988) in both the comfort of the shirts themselves and quality of designs. Our designers follow loose guidelines inspired by the golden era, but really we just work with folks who share our passion for vintage. 

By the way, the best thrift stores are in small towns off the beaten path. So if you're ever on the road and stumble across one, it might be worth taking a peak.


I uploaded some of my old tees to a Pinterest board here.

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