Pounding the Rock

The San Antonio Spurs are really, really good at basketball (call me Captain Obvious).  I'm pretty sure Jay-Z was referring to the Spurs in his line, "Numbers don't lie check the scoreboard". They have 5 NBA titles in 15 years, and the highest winning percentage in all major sports leagues during that time. Unreal. So on the night of their championship victory, we commemorated their dominance with our championship rafter banner tee

We wanted to find a way to get the shirt to Spurs fans. On a broader level, we've been exploring a lot of different ideas to bring our sports-inspired gear directly into passionate fan communities.

As fate would have it, we were fortunate enough to link up with J.R. Wilco, editor-in-chief of Pounding the Rock. PtR, as it's known, is SB Nation's Spurs community. It's a fun, solid group of fans all sharing their love for all things Spurs.  I guess it's pretty easy to be so jovial with your fellow fans when your hometown team is such a dominating force.

So after several late night calls of talking basketball and sharing our favorite moments from last year's playoffs (mine was when the Wizards shut down Joakim Noah and co. in the first round), we formed a little partnership.  With much fervor, we relaunched the championship tee on PtR, to kick-off a season long campaign of releasing timely, fun Spurs t-shirts to the awesome fans that hangout @ PtR.

Go Spurs Go!