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The Parkway Series

As a Nats fan and an O's fan, MLB playoffs are making me feel kind of like this right now:

Growing up in DC in the 80s and 90s, I was a diehard Orioles fan.  I have very early memories of sitting in the upper deck of Memorial Stadium with my grandfather.   I followed O's stats religiously, every morning in the Washington Post, especially during Cal Ripken's MVP year in 1991.  I was at Opening Day at Camden Yards in 1992, barely making it to my seat in time to see Rick Sutcliffe throw out the first ever pitch. 

When the Nats moved to town, I was understandably conflicted, like many other fans.  But I quickly adopted the team, and watched the organization steadily improve from top to bottom.  I was witness to Steven Strasburg's first start, with a staggering 17 Ks.

So here we are now, at the start of the 2014 MLB Playoffs, with both of my teams as legitimate contenders for the World Series rings.

O's are off to a tear; their first game against Detroit had me jumping off the couch too many times to count.

For the Nationals, Game 1 against the Giants was a tough loss.  You'd think we were facing the 2007 Cy Young version of Jake Peavy.  But Nats Park was absolutely electrifying.

Will we get to experience the (Baltimore-Washington) Parkway Series? This year is about as good as any for it to happen.

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