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BreakingT Expands Production Capacity With Move Into New Facility

BreakingT Expands Production Capacity With Move Into New Facility

BreakingT is moving into a new production facility in the final two months of 2021 -- to expand our capacity and modernize our operations as we continue to grow.  We are so excited for the opportunity to better serve our awesome customers with more space, more automation, and more eco-friendly processes. 

The new facility is located in Warrenton, VA, about an hour outside of Washington, DC.What will the move mean for customers?

Once we are fully operational in the new facility, we expect an immediate 50% increase in daily throughput, due to additional equipment, better layout, and updated production workflow.  Over time, as we implement more automation, we expect throughput to increase by over 400%, compared to current levels.

Our tagline is Wear The Moment® and we are investing in the future to deliver on that promise.  The new facility will help us print products faster and ship more quickly, all while maintaining our high standards of quality that our customers love.Freshly painted production floor

Are you having a moving sale?

As a matter of fact, yes we are!  To streamline the transition and move from the current location to the new location, we've kicked off a huge moving sale on some of our best products from over the years.  Head on over to the MOVING SALE COLLECTION and check it out.  We may be offering additional promos throughout the transition, so sign up for our newsletter to be notified (at the bottom of this page) if you're not already subscribed.

The BreakingT Wall of Fame

We're excited to unveil the "BreakingT Wall of Fame" at the new facility.  We polled our VIP customers and asked them to share their favorite BreakingT products from over the years—best sellers, high impact shirts, kick-ass graphics, etc.  See below for the mock. We'll be sure to share photos of the finished wall as soon as it's installed.

See you on the other side!

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