The Milwaukee Basketball Collection

Celebrating Milwaukee's best basketball moments with timely, high-quality, super-comfy apparel you can't get anywhere else. Wear the Moment.®

Wisconsin World Champs Mug

$ 18.00

Deer District of Champions

from $ 28.00

Just A Kid From Athens

from $ 28.00

The Block The Dunk The Champ

from $ 24.00

Wisconsin World Champs

from $ 28.00

Greek Philosophy

from $ 28.00

Milwaukee In Six Mug

$ 18.00

Milwaukee in Six

from $ 28.00

No Dunks: Milwaukee

from $ 28.00

Built For This Milwaukee

from $ 26.00

We Dogs

from $ 30.00

He's Staying

from $ 30.00

My Home My City

from $ 30.00

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