BreakingT Affiliate Program

BreakingT partners with passionate community members (we like to call them “Breakers”) who get involved in the design process and help promote our t-shirts into the communities where trends are breaking, both online & in the real world.

What Does a Breaker Do?

A Breaker has two primary responsibilities: (1) keep the BreakingT team informed of breaking trends within their community that would suitable for clever t-shirt designs, and (2) promote t-shirts into their community.

What’s in it for the Breaker?

Breakers get the opportunity to earn free shirts and make money, based on the number of BreakingT shirts sold into their communities. In addition, BreakingT’s quality t-shirts provide a way to enrich a community and help it grow, by providing hyper-relevant content to its members. Everybody loves a t-shirt, especially when it’s about something they identify with and care about.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the contact form below and we will follow up with program details and the Breaker application.