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Fathers Day Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Pairings for T-Shirts

Fathers Day Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Pairings for T-Shirts

We have some gift ideas for dad on his big day. Predictably, there are T-shirts on this list. But we’re also featuring some of our favorite items that pair perfectly with tees, from beer and bats to flasks and hats. Here we go:

1. Let Pablo Pitch x Mitchell Bat Company

Our popular San Francisco shirt is a nice visual match for the throwback stripes on these beautiful bats from this Nashville-based company.
Shop Shirt (from $25) || Shop Bats (from $245)

• • • 

2. Rally Goose x Smathers & Branson

This handsome needlepoint flask will help dear ol' dad relax if the Rally Goose magic hasn't started working yet.

Shop Shirt (from $25) || Shop Flask (from $65)

• • •

3. Let's Have Some Fun x The Old Try

The good times are flowing in Atlanta this season. Bring some of those vibes home with these Southern-specific prints from a homesick Northeasterner.

Shop Shirt (from $26) || Shop Prints (from $42)

• • •

4. Fight For Old D.C. x Oxford Pennant

Ready to throw down for the District? Perhaps we could interest you in a less violent alternative—try waving this classic felt pennant instead.

Shop Shirt (from $25) || Shop Pennant (from $25)

• • •

5. Return of the Matt x Hudson Sutler 

Some things fit naturally in SoCal. Matt Kemp in Dodger Blue is one. Another is a stylish, portable cooler to carry beverages everywhere from the beach to the ballfield.

Shop Shirt (from $26) || Shop Cooler (from $99)

• • •

6. New York Empire x Ebbets

Something for everyone here. New-school baseball dads can embrace the current starpower of the team on the shirt. Throwback pops can revel in the vintage vibe of these 1912 replica caps.

Shop Shirt (from $26) || Shop Hat (from $49)

• • •

7. Charlie Freaking Morton x 8th Wonder Brew

There are few things dad loves more than the local baseball team and one of them is local brew. Especially when the suds remind him of his roots.

Shop Shirt (from $25) || Shop Beer ($ varies)

• • •

8. The Progress x Bully Boy Distillery

A bottle of the good stuff—distilled locally—will age nicely, or could be enjoyed today. All of which could be said about the young Boston stars depicted on our shirt.

Shop Shirt (from $26) || Shop Whiskey ($ varies)

• • •

9. Ichiro Forever x Goodr Sunglasses

Go-to sunglasses that pack more punch than their pricetag indicates are the perfect match for Ichiro, forever underrated and underappreciated.

Shop Shirt (from $25) || Shop Sunglasses (from $25)

• • •

10. Manu Forever x Prinstant Replays 

While you're celebrating dad with this Manu shirt, might as well keep with the theme and get this sweet print honoring a different San Antonio legend.

Shop Shirt (from $26) || Shop Print (from $25)

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