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The 10 Most Excited MLB Team Fanbases For Opening Day

Opening Day is BreakingT's favorite holiday, and we're celebrating with new releases for this year's highest-profile debuts: Anthony Volpe! Jordan Walker! Kodai Senga! Mount Fuji! And so on. 

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We've loaded our MLB Player Collection with the most notable new faces in new places: Verlander in New York! deGrom in Texas! Trea in Philly! Dansby in Chicago! Bogaerts in Xan Diego! You get the point.

Measuring Fan Engagement Across The League

Helping us then, now and all year long is CrowdBreak, BreakingT's propriety social media analytics platform, which identifies the biggest moments in sports while measuring fan engagement and sentiment. If you were wondering how we conjure all these magical shirts, now you know.


But back to Opening Day! Here, after a long lonely winter, are the top 10 most excited MLB fanbases, as measured by CrowdBreak* over the past seven days:

1. Cardinals (2.99x) -- Behold the Jordan Walker effect, combined with the triumphant return of World Baseball Classic breakout star Lars Nootbar.

2. Yankees (2.82x) -- Theeeeeeee Yankees win made 21-year-old Anthony Volpe their Opening Day shortstop! 

3. Giants (2.79x) -- Sergio Romo, man. What a career. Good of them to give him is flowers in their last exhibition game.

4. Angels (2.08x) -- Are fans excited about their team or that epic Ohtani-Trout WBC showdown? You make the call.

5. Rangers (1.83x) -- Hey, I'd be psyched about deGrom being my Opening Day starter, too.

6. Cubs (1.81x) -- A fresh extension for Nico Hoerner and an opener at Wrigley. What's not to love?

7. Braves (1.57x) -- Fans are high as a Georgia pine on the unveiling of the new "The A" City Connect uniforms.

8. Red Sox (1.49x) -- Masataka Yoshida raked in the WBC, and they're ready for him to rake in Fenway.

9. Padres (1.38x) -- Fernando Tatis Jr. is back. The Aztecs are in the Final Four. Life is good.

10. Phillies (1.34x) -- Won the pennant. Added American hero Trea Turner. Ready for the phight. 

*Based on fan engagement during a 7-day period ending 3/29 as compared to previous engagement levels.

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