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Pittsburgh is the City of Champyinz (Penguins win the Stanley Cup)

Pittsburgh is the City of Champyinz (Penguins win the Stanley Cup)

The Pittsburgh Penguins just play and they just win. After defeating the Nashville Predators Sunday night 2-0 and winning the series 4 games to 2, the Pens brought home Lord Stanley’s Cup for the second straight year in a row.

Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup

Game six of the Stanley Cup Finals had us on pins and needles.

Game six was a bit marred by questionable officiating, seemingly impacting both sides. The Predators picked up 4 power plays, several of them late in the game, but Penguins goalie Matt Murray blocked 27 shots for the shutout. It was an epic defensive struggle as the game was knotted at 0 for the first 58 minutes of the game. Then, finally, with just over a minute and a half left to go in regulation, Patric Hornqvist broke the stalemate scoring a goal.

With precious little time left, the Predators were forced to pull their goalie in order to have an extra attacker in hopes of tying the game before it was too late. The strategy backfired, however, as Carl Hagelin would score again for the Penguins on an empty net. It was an incredible run for the Predators, but the Penguins were just too good.

City of Champyinz


This is now the 5th time the Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup (their second in a row). We think those five NHL championships pair nicely with 5 World Series victories for the Pittsburgh Pirates and 6 Super Bowl wins for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Come to think about it, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is truly the City of Champions! Wait, no, that doesn’t quite sound right. Pittsburgh, PA is truly the City of Champyinz! That's more like it.

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Pittsburgh Penguins, Just Play

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