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Taylor Heinicke Shirt Featured on ESPN 'Monday Night Football'

Taylor Heinicke Shirt Featured on ESPN 'Monday Night Football'

If you watched last week's Seahawks-Football Team game, you may have caught a glimpse of BreakingT's NFLPA-licensed "Legend of Taylor Heinicke" shirt. Thanks to Logan Thomas, it's never looked better:

But that isn't the only Heinicke product from BreakingT. In fact, we've released six different Heinicke shirts for the fan favorite.

Here they are, ranked by units sold:

  1. The Legend of Taylor Heinicke
  2. HeinickEEEEE
  3. Heinicke Chant
  4. Believe
  5. QB1
  6. Heinicke Hive

Collect 'em all, and use coupon code BT30 for 30% off orders of $125 or more. HeinickEEEEE!

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