BreakingT Celebrates Inaugural USFL Season With Official Champs Merch

It's a wrap, and also just a start. The new incarnation of the USFL completed its first season and is returning for another in 2023. BreakingT is along for the ride, celebrating the league's eight teams and commemorating their finest moments.

The Birmingham Stallions won this year's title, and players celebrated on the field with BreakingT championship tees. Peep the tag!

There was also a commercial on FOX broadcast right after the game showcasing BreakingT's officially licensed champs merch.

The Stallions not only took the on-field title, but Birmingham was easily BreakingT's no. 1-selling USFL team this season, too. The highlight? Standout linebacker Scooby Wright III's signature "Shark-Dog" celebration shirt

 Here's to more spring football and great shirts in Season 2!

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