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World Champs! The 10 Best-Selling Texas Baseball T-Shirts

World Champs! The 10 Best-Selling Texas Baseball T-Shirts

BreakingT just passed the 45,000 mark for Texas baseball t-shirts sold this season. As a point of comparison, Globe Life Field, home of the Rangers since 2020, holds 40,300 fans. That's a lot of t-shirts!

To illustrate that, here are the 10 best-selling shirts in our world champion Texas Baseball Collection. As an added bonus, they tell a nice story of the season, too:

1) Texas Baseball: Went and Took It

2) Don't Mess With the Champs

3) Straight Up Champs

Fans love championship tees, especially when it's the first time in a franchise's 63-year history ... and they also look this good.

4) Adolis Garcia: And The Legend Grows

5) Adolis Flippin' Garcia

El Bombi set it off this postseason, going on an unreal run that fueled the expansion of our Adolis Garcia t-shirt collection

6) Don't Mess With Marcus Semien

7) Seager-Semien '24

8) Josh Jung Money

It wasn't all about Adolis, though. Semien, Corey Seager and Jung also starred for Texas. (Honorable mentions to Evan Carter, Nate Eovaldi, Jonah Heim, Max Scherzer, Mitch Garver and Nate Lowe, who all have BreakingT shirts, too.)

9) Texas State Champs

What's better than a world title? Maybe a state title over rival Houston, especially after the way the West was won.

10) Texas Baseball: Higher

Never thought we'd say this, but play Creed!

Note: We're still adding designs to our Texas Baseball T-Shirt Collection, and we offer hoodies, mugs and prints, too. Just in time for the holidays, champ!

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