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The BreakingT Operational Plan To Expand In 2022

The BreakingT Operational Plan To Expand In 2022

BreakingT had a record year in 2021 – sales grew more than ever, and we shattered our projections. In a year where NIL became a part of the sports fan vocabulary, Patrick Mahomes reminded us that “Hennething is Possible” and Atlanta partied like it was 1995, BreakingT captured over 1,500 moments.

THANK YOU to all of our customers and partners who have joined us on this journey. We wouldn't be here without you!

As we look ahead into 2022, we see a sports world filled with so many compelling storylines. Our social data platform, CrowdBreak, will continue to guide us to the moments that fans are engaging with the most, and we expect to see plenty of inspiration for awesome new licensed gear.

Our mission at BreakingT is to help sports fans connect to players and teams they love through our products. We’re making big investments in 2022 to better serve our customers and continue to provide A+ quality products and best-in-class consumer experience. Here are a few highlights:

1) Our Team

BreakingT’s team grew over 50% in 2021 to support increased demand. This year, we’re hiring for additional positions across the company: operations, product development, technology, customer service and more. Read more about these positions in Jamie's blog post.

2) Our Supply Chain

We didn't completely escape the global supply chain challenges that arose in 2021. Despite our best efforts to stay ahead of the issues, we inevitably got hit a couple times.

In response, we’re working to bolster our own supply chain with new strategic suppliers, new production partners that can meet the strict standards of BreakingT quality and new regional fulfillment capabilities to enable quicker shipment times.

3) Our New Facility

As announced in November, we've been busy moving into a new state-of-the-art facility that will expand our capacity and modernize our operations. The move is now complete, and we expect to be fully up and running by the end of January. 

We'll see an immediate 50% increase in daily throughput, which should grow to over 400% over time as we continue to implement more automation.

All of us here at BreakingT wish you a healthy and prosperous 2022, and we hope your team wins! If they do, we’ll have a new shirt for you.


Alex Welsh, CEO

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