Ozzie Albies: The Making of a Moment

The origins for BreakingT designs sometimes start small. That was the case for our recent Atlanta baseball shirt, 10 Seconds, which originally became an idea when our social filters caught a tweet.

The phrase β€œThe Most Exciting 10 Seconds in Baseball” captured our attention, and the tweet was shared in BreakingT Slack. Next, we reached out to our Braves’ affiliate partner Talking Chop to gauge interest. Then, our designer got to work.

With the design in hand, we emailed our contact at the Braves Clubhouse Store to see if they were interested in carrying our product. They placed an order, and we threw in a few extras for Ozzie Albies himself. Next thing you know …

Congrats, Ozzie. You made the moment. And now you can wear it too.

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