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MLB's 10 Most Excited Fanbases, Now That The Lockout Is Over

MLB's 10 Most Excited Fanbases, Now That The Lockout Is Over

Yesterday's news that the MLB lockout is over was cause for celebration across the sport and certainly here at BreakingT. Some team's fanbases are more fired up than others, though.

Here, according to BreakingT's social data analytics platform, CrowdBreak, are the 10 most excited fanbases in baseball:* 

  1. Rays (11.67x)
  2. White Sox (8.35x)
  3. Yankees (6.99x)
  4. Braves (6.94x)
  5. Orioles (6.87x)
  6. Blue Jays (6.86x)
  7. Cardinals (6.65x)
  8. Mariners (6.60x)
  9. Astros (5.99x)
  10. Dodgers (5.72x)

*Based on CrowdBreak fan engagement data during a 24-hour period from the morning of 3/10 to the morning of 3/11, aka the day the lockout ended, as compared to normal engagement levels.

There's a lot more to be excited about in the days ahead as the ensuing free-agent frenzy unfolds. Stay tuned to our MLBPA Collection to see how we commemorate the moves that are made.

And check out CrowdBreak Pulse, our new mobile app for sports fans ... coming soon!

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